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Mudanya, Bursa ilinin bir ilçesidir. Rengarenk ve ok fazla katlı olmayan evleriyle ün yapmıştır. Denize kıyısı olmasıyla da kıymeti artan ve yerli ve de yabancı tüm turistlerin ilgi odağı olan bu güzel kasaba, geçen hafta sonu için bizim rotamızı belirledi. Sokaklarına yaklaştıkça burunlarımızı gıdıklayan mis çiçek kokuları Mudanya’nın bir sihri …
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Abant .. Lake Abant is a landslide set at an altitude of 1350 meters meters and also located 34 km south west of Bolu city in Turkey. The water of this lake is sweet not salty. The deepest place is 18 meters. Abant Lake is one of most popular places …
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Kyrenia is a city on the north of Cyprus. Date of Kyrenia dates back to the 10th century BC. Therefore, we can see more of ten traces of civilization. According to Rome sources the name of city is Corineum. The surface area is 50 km. There are a lots of …
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Uludağ Otomasyon

Uludag snowy ! It has been a long time .. Nonetheless, I finally here. HELLO my followers. Actually , I would like to mention that these photos from my winter gateway. I was so busy recently therefore I couldn’t publish this Uludag  post. As we all know , Uludag is …
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Budapest Lyrics

Budapest is the capital of Hungary country. The city that the Tuna River divides into two. It was two seperate cities until the 17th century, as Buda and Pest. In 1873, united and became today name. On the river, in the middle of the city is the island. The most …
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Hallstatt Hotels

Hallstatt is the most famous and touristic place of Austria country.  A beautifull village in Austria. The most beautiful town of Austria .. Fascinating .. Where is here ? It lies 80 km south-east of the city of Salzburg on the border with Germany and Austria. At the lake side …
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Red train Feneryolu ! Hello everyone ! Today we are at Kadikoy/Feneryolu Train Station. I and my sister. Station where the red and blue colors are heavily used…  This station is not actively used that now. We can only visit. You won’t be happy unless you go to Red Train …
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Everyone knows that I like white colour very much. This my white bow short is my favourite white clothes. Most noble colour white.. White colour has always been the place which I feel completely relaxed and at peace. As I writing this post, I am actually in the middle of …
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Izmir is one of the most beautiful cities of Aegean. And the third largest city in Turkey, is also a port city. Since ancient times, is one of the most important cities of the Aegean. Maritime trade is very important in the history of the city. The Kemeraltı region was …
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Are you ready ? for an excellent view ,,, All beautiful windmills in Alaçatı . Let me say general something about windmills. The windmill is a large propeller impeller machine that makes use of wind power to generate energy. Since ancient times, windmills have been used to generate mechanical power …

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