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Black Dress Shoes

Hello everyone ! Today’s post; Black Dress Shoes ! 🙂 My today’s outfit is silver dress. This dress is not mine actually , this is my sister’s. When I see it, in her wardrobe, I wanted to take it, immediately ! 🙂 Actually this black and silver colour with some …
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Hallstatt Hotels

Hallstatt is the most famous and touristic place of Austria country.  A beautifull village in Austria. The most beautiful town of Austria .. Fascinating .. Where is here ? It lies 80 km south-east of the city of Salzburg on the border with Germany and Austria. At the lake side …
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Sweet Concepts

First of all, I like to say ; I like the ‘sweet concepts’. The pink cupboard you can see in the first photo is one of my favourite. I combined with my white lace gloves and white lace skirt. I choosed this purple top and these jewelries.. Excellent colours with …
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Red train Feneryolu ! Hello everyone ! Today we are at Kadikoy/Feneryolu Train Station. I and my sister. Station where the red and blue colors are heavily used…  This station is not actively used that now. We can only visit. You won’t be happy unless you go to Red Train …
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Hello everyone !I want to say a quick hello and share a few beautiful photos. It is the my pomegranate flower shoes. I like the say 🙂 Shoes , white colour , sunglasses, yellow bag, nil green necklage, gold hair bandeau, red nail polish … What a nice shiny day …
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Everyone knows that I like white colour very much. This my white bow short is my favourite white clothes. Most noble colour white.. White colour has always been the place which I feel completely relaxed and at peace. As I writing this post, I am actually in the middle of …
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Are you ready ? for an excellent view ,,, All beautiful windmills in Alaçatı . Let me say general something about windmills. The windmill is a large propeller impeller machine that makes use of wind power to generate energy. Since ancient times, windmills have been used to generate mechanical power …
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Dünyalar güzeli Alaçatı.. Güney Kore’den gelen inci işlemeli elbisemi aynı  renklerle bekliyormuş meğer.. Özellikle aşağıda görebileceğiniz ilk fotoğrafa aşık olmadığımı söylemek yalanların en büyüğü olacaktır. Nil yeşilinin ve turuncunun en güzel tonları ile  oluşan uyum göz kamaştırıcı.. İnanılır gibi değil. En güzel ve süslü sözcükleri bu mutluluğumu anlatmak için seçmek üzereyim. …
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Hello everyone ! Hope you are doing well !! Today we are in Istanbul. 2010 EUROPEAN CULTURAL CAPITAL ! ISTANBUL !! The unique beauty of the Istanbul Strait which separates the continents of Asia and Europe, combining the black sea and the Sea of Marmara is one of the best …
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Hello everyone ! I hope everyone’s week is off to a awesome start. I wanted to say a quick hi and share a few photos with you from my recent Eskisehir city trip. As I have previously and always mentioned, my resolution of my life is to enjoy the little things …

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