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Sweet Concepts

First of all, I like to say ; I like the ‘sweet concepts’. The pink cupboard you can see in the first photo is one of my favourite. I combined with my white lace gloves and white lace skirt. I choosed this purple top and these jewelries.. Excellent colours with …
Glovers Shoes travel lover


Hello everyone ! I hope everyone’s week is off to a awesome start. I wanted to say a quick hi and share a few photos with you from my recent Eskisehir city trip. As I have previously and always mentioned, my resolution of my life is to enjoy the little things …
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Hello everyone ! I love the tales. I love the main idea at the tales. According to me, the best of them is Cinderella. Well, who is this Cinderella ? She is a pure and beautiful young girl who had to live with a stepmother and tree sisters after her …
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Hello everyone ! Hope you are having an amazing short week 🙂 What a nice shiny day. I want to introduce you may blue strapless dress. Here is the adorned with specious stones my blue dress. And I am at the one of my favourite boutique cafes. I have been …
dresses Glovers Hats queen Shoes


Hello everyone ! This is my first post. Therefore, I am so excited. Let’s hope , everything will be ok and let’s start !! This red dress is one of the my favourite clothes.. I am in love with lace glovers, black socks and hats. As you know,, the dress …

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